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Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame inductees


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Wouldn't it be something if the original GNR lineup reunited for a song? Not gonna happen, but it'd be awesome. What's Axel's voice like these days anyway? Is it still half decent?


I'm famous now bitches! vvvvv
Can't believe the Beastie Boys were inducted. I like the Beasties, but to me they were more rap than rock.

I would like to see Yes in there one day, but to me being or not being in the R&RHoF doesn't matter to me. Same can be said if said bands won, were nominated, or never won a Grammy.


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The Rock and Roll Hall of Shame. Eddie Trunk had a T-Shirt that a fan of his made with a number of the atrocities that have been commited in the name of that place, and I would like to have one.