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Screen Help


Well-Known Member
A friend of mine is putting together a projector and screen in a great room.

The screen will need to be retractable because it will be in front of a large bay window. There will be some ambient light. They will be watching some sports, but also movies most at night.

The size should be in the 150"; 16 x 9 range.

His projector is an Optoma UHD 60.

His budget is not set yet.

Suggestions please..................

White with gain? Gray??

What manufacturers and models??


Retired Admin
With 3000 ANSI lumens, he should be able to project an image onto light-absorbing black velvet outside at noon on a cloudless day.

All of that is to say, screen gain is not only not needed but discouraged.

Deleted member 133

There are two things in life that I cannot recommend any more strongly:

1. A DORO flip phone; and

2. An acoustically-transparent HT screen.

Brick over the window and use the bay part to house the centre speaker.

You're welcome.