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Simple Flexi-Rack For Power Equipment


I have started the Flexi-Rack for the Power Equipment for my 5.1 upgrade.

It is simple, very simple. It will be 36" tall with 4 shelves 19 1/2" x 16". I have designed this rack to house the 3 power amps and the Onkyo Receiver, with very adequate spacings between the top of the component and the shelf above. We all know that Heat is the main reason for electronic component failure.

I have cut 4 pc's of 3/4" Birch Plywood to 19 1/2" x 16".

I have drilled 5/8" holes approx. 3/8" in from the sides for the 1/2" All-Thread to pass through.

The All-Thread, Flat Washers and Nuts have been spray painted with Rust-Oleum Specialty Lacquer; High Gloss Black.

I need to sand the Birch Shelves, fill any voids and paint with the same paint above.

I hope to have them sanded tonight and maybe the bottoms will have some paint.

Will do my best to post some pictures later.
I was wondering when you run up the nuts on the all thread to proper height wont the black lacquer crack and some the original shine come through. Just wondering as i also have a flexi rack i built but i left the all thread unpainted. I like the painted versions Ive seen maybe i will do this.
I am expecting to have a major touch up job on my hands, I will let you know how it works out.
It's not as bad as you guys would think. Matter of fact, I don't remember touching mine up but I still used the black-oxide nuts and washers that came with my Salamander rack. The all-thread was all I had to paint on mine.

First the original height will cause interference problems with the viewing angle of the TV from the side viewing positions (poor planning on my part).

I had the rack assembled and all snugged down and would have had some minor touch up on the all thread, however not much.

Then the problems started............. :angry-cussingblack:

It appears that when I snugged down all the nuts the friction between the threads on the nuts and the all thread caused the paint to get glue like. It was cured for over 1 week since I assembled so I am not sure why this happened.

The rack would not come apart :angry-banghead:

The nuts would back off maybe an inch or so and then bind up.

I needed to disassemble the rack down to 2 shelves. None of the nuts would come all the way off of the all tread.

I needed to clean the paint off of the all tread with Brake Cleaner and work the nuts back and forth to remove them. Major hassle and VERY Time consuming. :angry-tappingfoot:

I will be cutting the all thread to the proper length tomorrow and reassembling. I now have a major touch up/repaint job ahead of me.

I need to sacrifice the cooling for the amp that will power the center and rear speakers. This will be place on my original rack with about 3" of clearance at the top. I wanted this on the flexi-rack but then the height will be to tall. This all goes back to setting up a nice system in a room designed for living, not watching and listening.

I have no problem airing my struggles on this forum with you guys!!

Good News........the Onkyo was shipped Monday and will arrive by the end of the day tomorrow. They rack may not be ready.
Sorry about the troubles! But yeah, it's interesting to read in any case, and may provide some caution to others in the future...

Most DYI's have some sort of challenges wheither it is system related or not.

I have had simple tasks gone bad, however sharing not only our wins with our friends here are just as valuable as our misses!

Thanks Dude!
heeman said:
I need to sacrifice the cooling for the amp that will power the center and rear speakers. This will be place on my original rack with about 3" of clearance at the top. I wanted this on the flexi-rack but then the height will be to tall.
When I finish my rack, if I feel any components are running too hot I plan to buy a "laptop computer cooler", disassemble it, and use the fans in the back of the rack.
I mounted a "muffin fan" in the back of my old rack (running my old Yamaha stereo) which, while noisy, kept the equipment cooled during wild drunken naked parties in college, and 32 years later the stuff still works perfectly. I'm hoping the laptop cooler fans are a bit more quiet...
Wow never thought about that always just thought the touch up after painting. Never thought about threads getting gunked up. The all thread is such course threads. Sorry the bit of bad luck. I also wonder if it was the paint and a different would make a difference.
I just used Krylon flat black with mine. I don't think the paint matters since the threads are so course, but maybe the lacquer in the Rustoleum paint was the gumming up issue.


If you have the option, but the receiver on the top shelf. Hopefully that will fix the heat issue with your receiver and save from adding a fan to keep it cool.

I was lucky where my system was already broken down when I was building my projector screen. I measured the width of the screen and the distance from the screen's bottom to the floor, and planned around that. This allowed me to use the 24" length all-thread, so I didn't have to do any cutting. With the casters on, my rack is about 30" high.
2 shelf fexi-rack complete! 24 hrs for paint to dry......photos to follow.
UPS delivered it just before 7PM last night!! :eusa-clap:

Setup begins tonight! :handgestures-fingerscrossed: :eek:bscene-drinkingcheers: