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Sixaxis shuts off during gameplay...


Well-Known Member
Do you think the rechargeable battery is going bad? Or might something else be causing this?


Playing wirelessly,
Controller is about 3-1/2 years old,
Randomly shuts off even though the power-level icon may show full bars,
Pressing PS button will turn controller back on and reconnect and then I can play again,
Pretty sure it's actually shutting down, and not simply losing a connection since all the lights on the controller also turn off,
Happens with multiple games, though it seems unpredictable as to if/when it'll happen.

I first noticed this issue maybe a month or two ago.
It sounds to m like the batter is losing connection for a moment. Once the connection is lost, the power goes off. The power isn't automatically restored when the connection is restored though, which is why you have to turn it back on.

Loose battery connection, eh? You never know.

Someday I'm gonna have to break down and buy a Dualshock 3. Then I guess we'll know for sure if it's just my Sixaxis, itself, and not the PS3 that is the problem. And at that point maybe I can crack open the sucker and see what we've got!

Well, I picked up a Dualshock 3 a couple weeks back and all is good again. So the issue definitely was just with the old Sixaxis controller, either a dying battery or a loose battery connection. Still not sure which. Regardless, the old one seems to make for a decent enough "wired" controller, other than being a little worn looking and having a sometimes gimpy L1 button.
Cool. You might be able to open it up and clean the contacts, etc., and see if it works any better. Or you could just give it to me and I'll try it. ;) (not that I really need a third controller...)
LOL. :happy-smileygiantred:

I don't think I dare open the old one up as I'm hearing they can be a pain to put back together, but I'll nonetheless use it as an extra "wired" backup. After all, you need 3 controllers to play Wheel of Fortune with the whole gang. And who here doesn't enjoy an intense round of Wheel? Am I right or am I right?