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Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure


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While getting a Christmas list together for the kids at Toys R Us yesterday, there was a gaming rep demoing this new Skylanders game. Pretty neat concept that came off kind of gimmicky at first. But if you have small kids aging from about 5 or 6 to about 12-13 this is a neat game you should have a look at. It's kind of a cross between your classic co-op RPG and Pokemon with the premise being that with these small character figurines, you can swap characters in and out of the game on the fly!! The starter kit comes with the game disc, a peripheral called the Portal of Power (a small platform that connects to your console via USB or wi-fi, which you place the figures on) and 3 figures. You can expand the characters with different sets and even expand the game with adventure kits. After one evening, I already like the way it has my kids thinking about strategies while playing and the puzzles within the game has them thinking too and are right at their level. The game also gets appropriately harder as you progress throughout the story. Another cool feature is that the figurines store the stats and progress for that specific character and can be used to play across all consoles!! So if my kids (which have the Xbox 360 version) want to go to Bs house and play with Timmy and he has the Wii version, the characters and their stats will be present on that console too!







my boy wants this, I've seen the commercials and think it might not be too bad if the execution is as decent as the idea.
Great marketing. You not only initially buy the game but it seems there is always something to add on.

That's the way to make a profitable product.
-B- said:
my boy wants this, I've seen the commercials and think it might not be too bad if the execution is as decent as the idea.
The execution so far as I can tell is flawless, the Portal peripheral reacts instantly to the removal and addition of characters. Another neat feature, is as long as you have a character with health on the meter, you can continue the quest/mission without starting over...There is a battle mode within the game which makes it much more like Pokemon in that it pits the characters against each other. In the story mode, all the characters are both heroes and allies. There are 8 classifications of characters based on elements. Earth, wind, fire etc...so only certain characters can unlock gates to different areas and are also much stronger with special powers based on the environment...
I remember playing the original Spyro games on the PS1. Pretty fun and very similar to Ratchet and Clank.

May look into this for my little one. She uses the Kinect to play a couple of games (Kinect Adventures and Kinectimals) but I am not sure she could handle using a controller yet, she's 5.