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So I ordered some new speakers.


Well-Known Member
Paradigm monitor 7's in black. So, finally after ten years in my house I will finally have a properly setup home system.

Gotta run new cables and hang the surrounds this weekend.
I think I will make the back boxes for the incieling surrounds next week while I am waiting for my new mini towers. Decided to go with the sono tubes.

Can not wait.

When I went to go check them out (These are $800 a pair retail btw) the guy running the shop suggested we move them to the other room because it was easier than taking the sub and crossover out of the loop. The room? Fully treated and filled with the best electronics they had. So I got to here what my speakers would sound like with krell separates and $1000 speaker cables.

They sounded very nice.

I am happy.

I had an V.2 of the Monitor 7s and loved them! They were my first "REAL" speakers.

Lets see some pics when you get them set up!
Maximo wrote:
"They sounded very nice.

I am happy."

No doubt you are. :music-listening:

Nice speakers! .... Congratulations

Congrats Max! You've been looking for some time now, glad to hear you found something to pull the trigger on...:eek:bscene-drinkingcheers:
Yeah, it's been a long road. I have been fighting this ever since my Home Theater Mag article. Hard when you don;t have a dedicated space and little ones running around the house. I will take some before pics this weekend.
Great news Max. Looking forward to the pics when you get everything up and running.
Oh sure my Radio Shack Optimus PA speakers, just ain't good enough HUH!!!!!
yeah that's okay Maxie I see where my genorousity ranks. :teasing-neener:

Congrats. bout friggin time. :eusa-clap:
your speakers get used almost daily. Whether I am working out or tinkering at m wor bench. I'll post pics of that too.
I know. Sorry that last post seemed kind a serious didn;t it? Wasn;t meant to be. Just a quick update.
Figures. As soon as I order some black monitor 7's I find some cherry monitor 9's for @ $100 more on audiogon.

I broke my own rule. Once you buy, don;t shop.
Sorry to hear. I also just ran across a pair of Monitor 7's v.2 for $250 locally. I came on here to tell you but saw you already ordered.
Maximo wrote:
"Figures. As soon as I order some black monitor 7's I find some cherry monitor 9's for @ $100 more on audiogon."

I think the cherry wood finish looks great on almost any speaker. I think it's very, very attactive.
Would love to have it on all my speakers.

( even if it doesn't do a thing for their sound )


Got my 7's today. Very excited. Kinda bummed I didn;t have my receiver ready to go. So now I will be up tonight wiring. Surrounds still aren't in but that is because I now need to wait and see if I get this new job I am looking at.
So all I got done last night was get the feet on and make two ten foot lengths of speaker wire (I love twist on bananas). Anyway, two fo the eight feet didn't match the thread size on the foot spikes. So you can basically push the spike in and out with out having to twist them in. I emailed paradigm and they quickly responded by saying that they will ship two more feet. Excellent customer service. The spikes aren;t that big of a deal unless you try to move the speakers. But these things are brnad new and I want them right.

Unfortunately we are baby sitting some friends kids tonight so it will be late until I get the speakers hooked up, dialed in, and give them some break in time. The music listening won't commence until tomorrow. :(

Moving forward. (Just a half step backwad)

I always figured Paradigm would have excellent customer service.

But gettin' closer none the less, Maximo.
A set of new speakers is fun . . . . Anticipation ... then the Reward!


So, the setback not with standing I got my 2.1 setup up and running and fairly well dialed in and I was just soooo happy to have tunes back in the house. It's been too long. Spent some time suffling through some old CD and also ripping them to an external hard drive.

Now I just have to wait until my interview on Wednesday to see if I can install my inceilings or not.