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So, who's watching America's Got Talent?


Active Member
Tonight started the semi-finals. Some of the acts didn't do as good as in past shows. Two or three of them really shined though. We like this show because it's all kinds of talent, instead of just singing like that "other" show. :mrgreen:
This year they've had more good acts, than seasons in the past. Past seasons have had two or three really good acts, but you could tell by the 2nd or 3rd from last show, who was going to win. But this year they've had several very good ones. It's hard to say who's gonna win right now.
I am watching it, but I am recording it and typically watching a few days after it airs. As such, I probably don't want to participate here as it is likely people will announce who won, who got shafted, and so on.

I do enjoy it though, because some of these people are truly talented (as opposed to American Idol where nearly all of the talent is found backstage instead of in the competitors).