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Sony shipped more PS3 consoles than MS shipped Xbox 360


Prodigal Son
http://www.reghardware.com/2011/04/15/s ... shipments/

This is the obligatory SEE-I-TOLD-YOU-SO posting I have to create from time to time. I argued with the gang at S&V over the future success of the PS3 over the Xbox360 for months, even years, since they were not launched at the same time. People got mean and belittled my opinion and I reduced my posting rate on the topic.

So, here we are, Sony has shipped (and theoretically sold) more PS3 units than Microsoft has shipped Xbox360 units. That is despite the Xbox360 being on the market for 12 months longer than the PS3. So F.U. naysayers and biggots!
If Microsoft would put a damn BD drive in the 360, I don't think the sales figures would be as lopsided...
When I agrued about the future success of the PS3, that was one technology I claimed would create that success. People mocked me about that argument. Now it appears I was right.

Sorry... I am not always right, but when I am - especially after all the grief I got - I am going to be a sore winner. That was a viscious mess while everyone was waiting for the PS3 to ship.
I have two PS3s and they both spend far more time playing disc-based media and streaming media than they spend playing games.
My PS3 is a better up-scaling DVD player than any of my three dedicated BD players.
Those numbers mean nothing to me. I do all my gaming on the 360. :music-rockout:
The PS3 is used only for bluray playback and sometimes netflix.

Xbox Live is a lot better than the PS Network in my experience.
I'm glad to see the PS3 is selling decently, but I'd be just as interested in seeing sales figures of Xbox 360 game titles vs PS3 titles. Don't get me wrong, I really like my PS3; but I'd be surprised if the Xbox wasn't ahead as far as game titles sold. And, if I'm wrong and Sony actually leads there, then kudos once again to Sony.
I was attacked for saying the PS3 would be more successful than the Xbox360. It wasn't that more gamers would prefer the PS3 over the Xbox360.
Software sales per platform

Console Yearly (change) Total (tie ratio)

Wii 33,958,864 (-82%) 663,068,994 (7.68)
PS3 29,503,306 (-77%) 382,908,103 (7.78)
X360 27,953,954 (-80%) 474,419,894 (8.97)
DS 24,923,459 (-80%) 669,987,513 (4.56)
PSP 9,915,490 (-77%) 226,904,048 (3.38)
Is that software units sold? Or is it a dollars figure?

I'm sure there are tons a variables with regards to Xbox 360 and PS3 with regards to which company is ultimately making the most profit, not that anyone here was talking profits, but if since I brought it up I'm sure "titles sold" is an important part of that equation, and I must say that the PS3 titles appear to be closer (in whatever statistic this is) than I would've guessed. Still, it looks like more Xbox 360 titles have sold so far, if I read that correctly?

And what the heck is a "Tie Ratio"? Or does that even matter?
That's ok Flint, just wait until Apple gets into the video game console market. You'll be eating your words for breakfast then! :scared-eek:
I'll be honest, I have no idea what that game title data is telling us. I got it from some research I don't own a license to, so I cannot read the text that supports the table.
Ah, unsubstantiated and unverifiable information - the backbone of modern reporting!
PaulyT said:
Ah, unsubstantiated and unverifiable information - the backbone of modern reporting!

Those are real figures from a reputable source, I just don't know what they represent exactly. It could be revenue, it could be units, it could be users.
Flint said:
It could be revenue, it could be units, it could be users..........

Speaking of "users", did anyone catch that "users" of the PS3 can now access "Crackle" via the web browser? The "homepage" has a link to Crackle (a free, video streaming service that is supported by commercials). Movies, TV shows, and clips.


The layout in "Zoom" mode looked like it was specially designed for the PS3. The streaming itself, unfortunately, ain't quite so good. Low res, high compression. Whats worse, the first time I tried it a couple weeks ago, it failed to keep playing after the first commercial break and the website sometimes gave errors when clicking on links that were supposed to work. I should check it out again to see if they've fixed those glitches. I know they had re-runs of Diff'rent Strokes and T.J. Hooker, two of my favorite shows!!!

Weird. Crackle worked well on my Roku boxes. I don't watch it much, but no problem during the few times I have. Ive seen a lot of ads in various places for Crackle, I'd be willing to bet that yourrolems were due to congestion on their side.