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Squeezebox control App for Android is out

I've got one for Windows Mobile 6.5 on my phone that works pretty well. I don't use it much though. It is easier to just pick up the Harmony remote and point.
Downloaded and will check out at home. The one squeezebox controller app that I had worked ok, we'll see if this is any better.
I was using Squeeze Controller for a while, but it has a bad habit of hanging up whenever you would try to add to the now playing playlist.

I'll have to give this one a try.

EDIT: Well, so far I'm very impressed! Seems to load and run faster than Squeeze Controller and it will list your players and let you build playlists on the fly without hanging up.

So far so good. :music-rockout:

If you are running more than one player, first choose the player you are wanting to use. After that you're taken to the home page.

The Home page layout looks similar to what you see with the Squeeze Controller/Duet setup. You have the power button to the top left and the Now playing button at the top right, just under the name of the player that is currently in use. Below that are your options:

My Music
Internet Radio
My Apps
App Gallery

Clicking the Now playing button (music note) takes you to the Now Playing page which has the current playing track's artwork. It has the back button at the top left. At the top right is a button that takes you to the current playlist (the back button takes you to the home page of the current player in use). At the bottom of the artwork is your volume control. Below that is the main transport keys with the repeat and shuffle keys to the right.

Very simple layout. Hopefully there are little or no bug to fix. I like it much better than Squeeze Controller.
^ bump ^

Anyone else try this app yet? it's become one of my favorite apps. What I like about this app is, now I can use the SB Controller as a third player if I need to for whatever reason.

For those on the cheap, you can download this app and just buy the boxes that come with the SB Duet package. This would be an extremely cheap way to go whole house if one wanted to since you wouldn't have to include the cost of the Controller.