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Stick Men: Konnekted - free MP3 album download


"Do you know who I am?"
Fans of Tony Levin's performances on the Chapman Stick (King Crimson, Peter Gabriel, etc.) should check out Stick Men which consists of two stick players and a drummer. I have their first album, Soup, which came on the heals of Levin's solo album, Stick Man. They are letting fans choose whatever price they want to pay for their latest, Konnekted, which sounds pretty good to me. I got it and love it so far.

Thanks for the heads-up Flint.

I've got all eight of Stick Men's albums, and while there's a miss or two amongst them, in general I really like their stuff.



"Do you know who I am?"
You are welcome, Jeff. Glad I could introduce you to this amazing band I was fan of before they were cool.
I guess Jeff no longer thinks prog sucks.
Now when did I ever say that?


(I think I was referring to some over-hyped boring-as-batshit new-release "modern" prog rock that Flint was wetting his pants over - rather than the great "classic" prog rock that populates my collection in vast amounts. :) )