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Streaming on XBOX

That sounds good but the 360 really needs a web browser first and one that is not crappy like the one in the PS3.
HBO Go will be sweet on the xbox!!

I use it on my phone all the time. I sometimes sit on hold waiting for a support engineer for 30 or 45 minutes so I try to squeeze in some shows, then I finish watching them on the laptop. The TV would be a way better option!

Thanks for the head's up.

As an AT&T U-verse customer I've been able to use an Xbox as STB for all of my channels and playback/schedule DVR recordings. I don't... because I don't have an Xbox Live account, and it doesnt make sense to have to boot the Xbox and navigate to the right place, and use a different remote... but I could.

The apps are very cool though. Maybe I should reconsider buying an AppleTV
I also forgot to ask (haven't checked it out) but the ESPN app.....how much does it cost & is it worth it.....I really would only use during football season.
It doesn't cost anything but you have to have the Xbox live Gold account. ESPN on the xbox is freaking awesome if you're into college football and basketball or soccer like I am.
Thanks my friends. We have another month of free Live Gold.
I've seen XBOX360 Live Gold cards at the stores....$24.99 for 3 months.....there needs to be a Law against that kind of markup.....thats around 100% profit... :scared-eek: