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For some reason my TV has now decided to show written subtitles on my video, upper-left-hand corner. Its doing it on CBS, CNN, NBC, and on stuff recorded on my Dish DVR. It's not there during commercials. (?) EDIT: well, its there on some commercials, this info is embedded in the program mat'l?

I went thru the "LG TV" options on my Harmony One remote, couldn't find anything. Put batts in my old LG Remote, found "Captions" but it was set to "Off" (and greyed-out to boot).

Any ideas?
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Did you check the options on your Dish receiver? It could have been enabled there.


Disregard, I found it. It was set in the Dish box, I accidently hit the "Green" button on my Harmony One.

It would probably behoove me to re-read the instruction manuals for all my 10-yr-old A/V gear, but I'm only halfway through the 707-page "Missing Manual" for my iPhone SE (and have forgotten half of that already). :nope:

EDIT: Yup, you hit the nail on the head Akula; thanks!