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SVS subs in bass cabinet?


Well-Known Member
I have a pair of SVS subwoofers laying around, just the drivers, and I was wondering if these could be used in a bass cabinet for my bass rig? I have seen 212 cabinets by a lot of different companies and I was curious if these subs would work in that application...

This cabinet would just be used at home in a practice setup. I would use a bass head to run it power, so I'm not trying to make a combo or anything, just the cab.

Any thoughts about this?
I wouldn't recommend them for bass guitar as they will have almost no midrange output and are likely to be loose and floppy.
Sounds good. I figured that they wouldn't work, but thought that since they are not being used that I could try to do something with them.

Guess I will just need to build a HT sub, or two, with them.

Thanks for the advice.