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Grandmaster Pimp Daddy
Great great action flick. This one runs along the lines of "Heat" and "The Italian Job" in many ways. with a great enemble cast including Matt Dillon as a cop pursuing a gang of very good bank robbers who only pull a job once a year. It also stars Chris Brown who despite his personal issues with his music career and beating of Rhianna did a great job and man can that guy run. It also has Paul Walker as one of the bank robbers which surprised me as he normally plays a good guy cop, but did rather a good job as a baddie. There were other actors whose names escape me but whom you will have seen in other good movies and an almost unrecoginable Hayden Christiansen (Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader) who has a very small but significant part as one of the bank robbers.

Story goes these bank robbers who think out every part of a bank job gets their world turned upside down by a "partner" who just got released from prison after he took a bullet for the robbers and got caught for a job they did in 2004 but never gave the gang up and while in prison he hatched a bank job with the Russians and has planned a 30 million job that requires a trick used in the movie "The Italian Job". Meanwhile two detectives are piecing together clues that bring them closer in finding out who the gang are.

This movie has some of the best sound production since "Heat" with the realism of the gunshots and explosives. With some of the best mid bass and a more than a few real deep bass moments that got my GF to scream, "Damn I hate the sound of this movie" cause it nearly set off her asthma with how deep the bass got. AT one point during this huge gunfight I turned to hear and yelled (cause I had the volume up) "Forgot to tell you this movie may have a little gunshots in it." :happy-smileygiantred: at which point she screamed back, "A LITTLE!!!! THIS MOVIE HAS A DAMN LOT OF EM!!!!!" :angry-tappingfoot:

I will say that I was more than impressed with the sound quality and this movie is probably my new "reference disc" in action gun battle scenes. This one will give your surrounds and you sub(s) a real workout. Those of you with Mid bass subs are gonna be real happy with this one. The PQ is also very good, not Avatar quality but for a Bluray was very clean and free of artifacts with a great combination of day and night scenes to compare.

This movie is probably one of the better action films that I have seen in a long time and well worth the purchase.