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I wasn't overly excited to see this, previews seemed to be pretty sappy, but overall it wasn't a bad movie. What really wowed me, was the animation. The attention to detail in this movie was awesome, the characters looked natural, the action scenes seemed almost filmed, and the texture of objects were very apparent. What was a disapointment though, was the movie seemed soft, and the score just wasn't that engaging or exciting. My 8 year old daughter really liked it, so at some point we will probably own Tangled.
Huey, this is one of the most beautiful BD's I've ever seen. I was sort of ignoring it playing in the background while my kids watched it but once I walked past the TV I was really drawn into it.

I guess the movie was OK but it really is jaw dropping animation.
Saw it at the theater with my daughter and we have the Bluray.

Looks pretty incredible.