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Techno / Electronica


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I listen to some of it as background music. One artist became noticeable to me as I listen more to this genre is Marc Romboy. Check out some samples here.

Anybody has suggestions?
Chuck Love - Bring Enough To Spill Some

Uberzone - Ideology

Samantha James - Rise

I'm much like Dennie, music whore, I listen to about everything with the exception of Hip-Hop and Rap

My next door neighbor is a Techno/Electronica fan. I, like the Music Whore, Rope, also have a little in my collection. Here's one that get's played on occasion......


Amazon.com's Best of 1999
Cool but not chilly at all, Everything but the Girl's Temperamental is the sound of the sweetest melancholy. Tracey Thorn's lyrics and vocals here are among her most affecting, tracing patterns of loss, loneliness, and a slightly unsettled happiness. This electronic pop makes for the perfect winter sound, as warm and bracing as a sip of cognac. --Rickey Wright
I'll add two more:

BT - This Binary Universe (DVD with DTS track)

The Crystal Method - Legion of Boom