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The Lyre Bird


MetaBotch Doggy Dogg Mellencamp
Amazing bird can imitate just about anything:


... including the construction work at the zoo!


:scared-eek: :scared-eek: :scared-eek:
Holy shit! The sawing, chainsaws, hammering, camera shutters... !
PaulyT said:
Holy shit! The sawing, chainsaws, hammering, camera shutters... !
The one that killed me was the screwgun, you could just hear the woodscrew tightening up!
The one that got me was the impersonation of the construction workers. A couple of times the bird sounded like he muttered the name "Joshua" or "Josh". I don't know what other parts of the world the Lyre is indigenous to, but I wonder if some of those ghost stories in the wild could be link to the Lyre bird's voice imitations.

Amazing to watch either way.