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The Mist


Well-Known Member
Pretty hard to get me excited about a "horror" film these days as I pretty much watch/own them all but this one was really good.

Romero was the master of "human" satire in his early films (most notably the first three DEAD films" and this film by King and Durabant equals those IMO in spades.
The horror in this film quickly seperates itself from the monsters and puts the human conscience in its place.

Plus there is plenty of gore and frights to satisfy even me.

Sooo........ the BLU sells for under $10 and if you have yet to see it it is worth every penny, and IMO if youi have it on DVD then the price of the BLU makes it a worthy "double dip".
I loved the book more but this still was a good movie. Although I wanted to reach through the screen and bitch slap that religious zealot.
Sorry for the late reply, but this was one of the few movies that has ever left me feeling empty inside.
smgreen20 said:
For me, no. This left an erie emptiness inside. I know of only 4movies to have done that to me.

And they were....? :geek:

I'm not a horror movie fan, but there is one movie that definitely left me "empty": Schindler's List. (a tip: its not a good "first date" movie...)
smgreen20 said:
For me, no. This left an erie emptiness inside.
Oh, I see. I thought you were talking about just emptiness which there are plenty of movies that do. :(
Watched the Chiller channel last night and they did a show on the thirteen scariest movies of the past decade and "The Mist" came in third followed by "Paranormal Activity" and "The Ring" came in first. Was surprised to see The Mist come in so high but they based it on the correlation of the main character not only battling the monsters outside but the monsters (humans) inside and at the end of the movie after all he sacrificed if he had just waited two minutes longer.