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The New is Old


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Been quite a while since I was in a video rental place but with cancelling NF I figured at lunch today I would check the 2 local places I am aware of. As fate would have it I got a flyer in the mail today for a franchise place called "Family Video". they had a coupon for 2 free rentals (at different visits) and half price rentals for a month for new members. They had a pretty good selection and availability of BD's, normal price is 3.49/night for new BD rentals while some of the newer BD rentals could also be had 3.99/5 nights.

I walked out with Jason Statham's "Mechanic" and "Battle for LA" - five nights for a total of $2.11 with the new member deals. Never made it to the second place.

Actually I think this may be better than NF. I wasted a lot of time with movies from NF I normally never would consider watching, just got them because they were only a click away..