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The State of Audio; Yesterday and Today

Holy guacamole! It's Mr. Bean!!!!!!!!!!!

I think that guy looking to buy a "grammaphone" needed to find a place that sold nice "console stereos". We had one briefly when I was really really young, though it was moreso a coffee table that had a radio, turntable, and speakers built in. It didn't work. I think it was just a regular table for us. But, interestingly, it had a speed dial setting for 78s. Maybe that guy should've bought it from us and had it fixed?
Not quite like this coffee table stereo system, but you get the idea...

That Bose clip is great! So true also....... :angry-cussingblack:

When guests (who aren't into Hi-Fi), hear my system, the vast, vast majority of them don't comment at all one way or another on the sound. What they are impressed with is seeing so much electronic stuff in one room. Go figure.
I had seen the second one, but the first one was pretty good. Thanks for sharing.