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The Tron Soundtrack


Retired Admin
Many thanks to Batman for the suggestion, this is an awesome CD! There are 22 tracks on the disc and at least half of them are demo material. As phenomenal as it is in all of its 2-channel glory, I would pay big, BIG bucks to hear this on a multichannel SACD. Regardless, do yourself a favor and buy this disc!

I've been a casual fan of Daft Punk for a while. I'll pick this up. Thanks.
I'm glad you enjoyed it! I really can't say enough about this soundtrack and what it did for the ambience of the movie. I don't think you need to see the movie to enjoy the disc either (as evidenced by Zing). Give props to HM for praising the IMAX experience too, if he hadn't talked it up, I'm not sure I would have gone out of my way to drive an hour each way to see it. The soundtrack may not have impacted me as much if that hadn't happened. I don't normally think of multi channel music in general because it not something that has caught on with me for whatever reason, but I agree with Zing this disc SCREAMS for a multi-channel presentation!! I don't feel most would be disappointed making this purchase w/o a prior listen. Props to Daft Punk :eusa-clap:
And another thing, if you have an IMAX within reasonable driving distance that's still showing Tron:Legacy, try to see it before it's too late. Sure, it won't be for everyone, but if you enjoy this hobby I think you're missing out...if for no other reason than demo material alone it will be a MUST own when released on BD.
I was told by someone (Bat’s) I must see this movie at IMAX or our friendship was in question, so I did and it was cool all but the 3D sucked ass! Not a fan of 3D & bad 3D even more so, anyway the soundtrack I had to have! It was killer in the at IMAX and it did not disappoint at home.

I really love this CD! I played it in PL IIx Music, (For movie feel) Stereo (w/subs for club feel) & Direct (2-Ch) all were fun and all sounded great.

I listen to it twice last night, track # 17 will give you a massage its subsonic sweetness, I highly recommend picking this one up guys b/c its worth it.

BTW- I can’t wait for the BD to come out, this one will be str8 eye & ear candy!
I've been trying to get a group of people to go see Tron but nobody but me is interested. I might have to sneak away from work a little early an see it alone.

Oh yeah... I got he soundtrack as well. It's a lot of fun.
If you spend a few minutes hunting around on YouTube there are some excellent remix's of some of the Daft Punk Tron tracks. I use Real Player to download the video clips then extract audio and burn to CD for my car. Here is one I like.


My son and I have already figured out End of Line for keyboard and guitar. We play a nice metal version of it now.

:banana-guitar: :banana-dreads: :banana-blonde: :banana-guitar: :character-beavisbutthead: :banana-dreads: :banana-guitar: :banana-blonde: :banana-dreads:

I also like some of the classical tracks. Good workout/demo material for any system.