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This shouldn't surprise me...


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... but it still kinda bugs me.


I've been a Comcast internet subscriber for almost a year. I got AT&T U-verse TV and internet installed and it's been working fine for a few weeks so it's time to cancel the Comcast account. I log into my account website but there is no option there... not surprised. But there is a phone number and a blurb saying that reps are available 24/7.

I call... press the appropriate numbers when prompted and get a recording telling me the office is closed and to call back tomorrow. There is no mention of when to call tomorrow.

I get it... but this still annoys me.

You are right Towen! You should not be surprised. Only once in a blue moon am I impressed with customer service these days.
Towen, you have every right to complain, it can be very frustrating dealing with a large corporations customer service!
Typical. I think it's a business strategy, not poor customer service. They make it easy to sign up but difficult to cancel.
It's clearly a business strategy and If I were running the company I'd probably make it at least a little inconvenient to cancel service as well. I just hate taking time to deal with stuff like this.
mzpro5 said:
Stop paying the bill and they will cancel service soon enough. :laughing:

worked for me and Netflix. Haha. :laughing:

I feel your pain Towen. My wife had a terrible time trying to cancel her AOL account years back. She called to cancel, yet after them telling her that her account was closed, they would bill her for the following month. She had to call three different times for them to finally get the message.

Same thing happened with a credit card company years later. She transferred her remaining balance to a new card and canceled the old account. They gave her a late charge after the fact. When confronted, the cc company out of "good will" credit her that late fee and "canceled" her account. The next month, same thing but this time it was "her fault" even though the account was closed for two months.

It's bullshit the tactics some companies use to squeeze that extra penny out of people.