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TiVo power consumption


MetaBotch Doggy Dogg Mellencamp
There were several stories on the news a few weeks back about how much electrical power the Comcast DVRs consume, even when they're not playing/recording; the reports said the units consume more electricity than a refrigerator.
The reports did not state whether that was true of all DVRs or not; does anyone know? (I'm assuming the drive runs all the time, that's the cause?) The reason I'm asking is that BB has the TiVo Premier on sale this weekend for $99 (normal price), with a free Slide Remote with integral keyboard (a $59.99 value according to BB, and Crutchfield wants $89 for it).
I've been hemming and hawing about a streaming device for awhile now. The Roku looks like a good unit but does not record, the TiVo records but requires a $20/mo service plan :handgestures-thumbdown: I like a lot of the shows from PBS on Saturdays (cooking, home improvement, woodworking) but Saturdays are meant for skiing/hiking, would be nice to record the shows for weeknights, but $20/mo is borderline not worth it to me.