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Toy Story 3 - Disney $8 Coupon...Question...

The DirtMerchant

Well-Known Member
I am aware that there is a $8 coupon of the purchase of Toy Story 3 Blu-Ray Combo Pack.
This is listed currently at $24.99 at Best Buy, but the regular price is $34.99.
Will the Coupon be off the current "Sale" price, or the full retail price of $34.99?
Preordered at Amazon for 28 and change using the coupon, price dropped to 24.99 before shipping, net 16.99. I would try it, worse thing that could happen, is they tell you no.

BTW, we watched this last night, imho, the best pixar movie yet. Picture and sound are top notch, and the story was really touching. The emotions that they are able to convey with their faces is unbelievable.
Huey, what code off the coupon did you use? I've tried most/all of the #s I see and I don't see a price change in my cart.

I guess PM me if we're not allowed to just share coupon codes here? Or does anyone care..?
I ordered it months ago, and if I remember correctly, it was something that Amazon had sent me. I'll check me emails at work. It didn't take the $8 off until I checked out.
Where's the coupon? I used the $10 coupon for Beauty & the Beast that T7 posted and got it for $15 from Best Buy. It was regularly $32.99, on sale for $24.99, then I used the coupon.