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Travis' Fran Healy has a solo album


Well-Known Member
Granted, it's been out for almost a year now. But I just found out and figured I'd pass along the word to any other folks who, like me, might be interested but for some reason didn't know about it. It's called "Wreakorder". Unfortunately, I'm not getting it just yet; but I have added it to my already long list of CDs that I intend to get eventually.


I'll do a search in the Zune catalog and see if it's available with the Zune Pass.

F, would you compare it to Travis, not as good, better? I really liked their 1st release, but was bored with the 2nd. Heard there was a 3rd that was better but never got it. The Man Who is a longtime favorite, great collection of songs.
It isn't as "rich" as a travis album (which should make sense to a Travis fan), but that doesn't hurt it at all. Just good music - that's all I want anyway.
Don't suppose, if by chance, anyone has heard if there is a new Travis album in the works? Probably at least a year away, I suppose. Looks like the band is still touring, at least. And we've got "wreckorder" in the meantime.
Travis didn't break up. I read an interview with Healy and he said there was plenty of time to do both solo and band work.