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URC MX880 or Harmony 900... time to decide.


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I'll be putting my HT system back together late this week and I need to purchase a new universal remote system. I've looked into iPad apps but I'm not thilled with what I see there yet. I love the possibilities of the iRule app and hardware but I lack the skill and time to learn how to program it. Besides.. in order to make sure it is easy for everyone in the family to use I want something that offers at least some hard buttons. I need RF control as the equipment is located inside of a cabinet at the rear of the room. I don't need a whole house system or anything super complicated. I'm only operating typical HT equipment in a single room... no lights, curtains, or air conditioning.

The top two contenders at the moment are the Harmony 900 and the URC MX880.

The reviews on the Harmony leave me a little concerend about the RF reliability. But it's programming interface is easy for someone like me to master.

The URC has a more complicted (and more powerful) interface but there are several local dealers than can support it. Another plus for the URC is that I am already using two MX900s for the living room and bedroom setups. The downside is the cost of the equipment and support.

All things considered, I'm leaning toward the URC. I'd appreciate any feedback, especially from anyone with experience with either platform.
Re: URC MX800 or Harmony 900... time to decide.

You cited the pros and cons very well. I'm a firm believer in you get what you pay for which is why I went with a URC remote and I haven't regretted it once. True, programming is a little daunting at first and will likely make your curse your decision but once you get the hang of it, it's smooth sailing from there.

I have the TX-1000 and my gear is behind my seating yet I don't need any RF adapters.
Re: URC MX800 or Harmony 900... time to decide.

I used URC remotes for years (MX500, 700, 850) and switched to a Harmony One last year.

Main reason for the switch was a more complete database for devices and ease of programming. the 850 had a bit of a learning curve and if I didn't use it for a while I had to relearn how to program it.

I still use the 850 on occasion, it really has a much stronger signal strength than the Harmony and I like the heft of it in my hand.