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Vibration noise from your disc player?


Well-Known Member
This happened to me last week for the first time ever! I popped in a DVD disc just arrived from Netflix and all of a sudden "brrrrrrr". Something was vibrating and I can feel it right through the chassis of my bluray player (Sony BDP-S570). I took it out and popped in another DVD disc I have and no noise. I reported it to Netflix and another disc of the same movie arrived couple days later. This time it played without a problem so I know it was the disc.

Fast forward a few days. I received a bluray disc of Monsters from Netflix, popped it in and same problem again! :angry-teeth: 2 times in one week! WTF is it with Netflix discs? None of my purchased disc do this so I'm guessing it's those rental ones with damaged or defective disc.

Has anyone ever had such problem with their disc?
I've had this happen a couple of times with my Oppo DVD/CD player and like you, have concluded that it is the disc.

The first time I Freaked out, thinking my player had a problem and I needed to replace it, but when I changed disc's, the problem went away.

I think it is a "Balance" thing with the disc. I guess like a tire on a car, a CD/DVD/Disc and be unbalanced and cause this "Vibration".

I was just glad it was the Media and not my beloved Oppo player! :eusa-clap:

Netflix puts those stupid stickers on their discs, which in most cases should be fine for its shape and position but some genius decided the damn thing had to be about 1/16" thick.
Every single time I've had a disc that wouldn't play it was from them.