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The topic Cowboys vs. Aliens, made me think of this movie from the early 70's.


Do any of you remember it?
Love that movie.

If I recall, they build a western themed town style resort and all the robotic cowboys try to take over the place???

Steely Dan wrote a tune based on it called "Western World" that appeared on one of their GH packages, but never on a studio album.
I vaguely remember watching this movie, might be a good one to watch again.
I remember this movie. The vacation spot not only had a "Western Town" but had a "Roman" etc. Women could enjoy young men & Men could enjoy young women....these robots were to give each guest all their desires.....
They were some good sci-fi movies back in the seventies, that made you think about the human condition. Unlike most of todays sci-fi which are all about special effects and not much in the way of a story.

I liked this movie along with The Terminal Man (using science to reform violent criminals), The Andromeda Strain (a super virus vs scientist's). The Stepford Wives (replace wifey with an obedient android) The sequel to Westworld was Futurewold, just FYI.