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What a deal I got


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i am close on getting the new system.. have it all except TV it'll be here Tuesday... will be up and running tuesday night. so i decided i need a new remote as i took the harmony one and am using it upstairs. decided on the harmony 1100. checked BB online and it was on sale for $196.. have it in stock so off the BB. price on shelf $399... i go to a blueshirt and tell her its on sale and the price... says no it isn't.. pls go to your web site and check.. i think after it came up she said oh sh*%... asked her to print it out to bring to the cashier... with printout in hand, the remote and other goodies go to buy, she had to take it to a manager...comes back rings it up and i'm gone. i've seen it for $399 to as low as $250 at all the mainstream online stores... i checked this PM. its still onsale... backorder on line (was availalble this AM) but the stores show they are in stock.. if your in the market.... i jusy sayin' :dance:
Sweet, a you suck is in order! I really want one but have a few other needs to tend to, damn timing!
Been there, done that. Don't know how frequently it happens, but BB posts some prices online which are lower than in the stores. Had to go to customer service in the store to get the lower price on a router a couple years ago. If I hadn't checked it out before I went to the store, I wouldn't have known.
When I bought my Pioneer receiver they price matched WalMart......they didn't bother to read the fine "online only" fine print.