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What Happened to My Old Panny 42 EDTV!


Well-Known Member
As you guys know, we upgraded from our 42" Panny Plasma EDTV 3 weeks ago.

The big delemia was what to do with the old 42" Plasma.

Batman suggested that I put it in my backyard and use it as target practice!!!

I spoke to Rosie, my bosses wife who is very, VERY big at her church and I told her to please look for a needey family that would REALY APPRICIATE this TV.

Well, I questioned her this week and she openly admited that she was more focused on getting home to watch the Cowboy play (loose) then find a family that would love the TV. UGH!!!

So, I contacted a friend and told him that I was trying to get rid of the TV. He is typically low on cash and asked if I minded if he made some money on it, I said NO. Get me $125 and I am happy.

Him and a friend showed up tonight. I made $125 and he made $100.

Anyway, the TV is gone and in a good household!!

Moral of the story.......................you figure it out!!