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What the f...

Umm I read about as much of that as I could and i still don't even know what the hell the product is they are trying to sell....


One hell of a long ad. What is it they are trying to sell for $80? I quit reading after the 3rd sentence.
Anyone ever read Macroscope by Piers Anthony? It's about an alien signal that if you watch it, it drives you insane. I am afraid that if anyone actually manages to read the whole thing they may be insane by the time they finish.
Rope said:
Oh, for crying out loud! It's now wonder your HT systems sound so crappy. :teasing-tease:



Apparently, there is some compatibility issues with some gear. Check out the link below.


"This looks like a job for Soundhound..........

.........or Flint...........

.........or any electrical engineer here that can sift though all this techno mumbo jumbo and reveal the truth
There's no difference between the crap these people are pushing, and the $600.00 power cables, or $7,300.00 speaker cables. They piss a lie in some gullible consumers ear and hope they'll cough up the cash. No different than Noel Lee, who made millions with marketing lies about Monster Cable. The same goes for Kimber Kable and the rest of the voodoo snake oil marketers. :eek:bscene-buttred:

All their marketing pitches are the same, they don't have any scientific data, they just know it works cause they say so. :eek:bscene-birdiedoublered: