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What's it worth? Sony KV-34BRX800 Wega

I hate to say it, but if you can get $50 for it I'd snatch it up. Tube tv's are like trying to sell sand at the beach, nobody wants them unless it's free. You paid a dollar a pound for that beast!! I had a 36" Trinitron.....I'm surprised that tv didn't ruin mine and Batmans friendship !!!!
I had the 40" 4:3 model Sony CRT. What a beast but great PQ.

I hired a moving company to move it to my Mom's when I got a plasma (even though Mom only lives 2 miles away). Best $150 I ever spent.
I think it was Flint who put a 27" CRT set out at his curb with a "Free" sign on it and it took almost a week before someone finally picked it up.

I have a 22" NEC computer monitor - the pinnacle of gaming monitors back in the day - that I paid almost $800 for. I see them on eBay for $29 now and they still don't have anyone bidding on them. I'm going to end up donating to get rid of it (or just throwing it away). I'm afraid the fate your set is similar.
It would make one hell of a thousand yard target. I'll give you $5.00, but you have to haul it up the hill where the annual 1000 yard shoot takes place.

I'd ask him what he would give me for it. Humdrd bucks isn't bad if it works good and has a builtin tuner.