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What's on Netflix

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Maximo, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. Maximo

    Maximo Well-Known Member

    I don't know if this should be it's own category but I think it would be cool to have one. Or at least a thread dedicated to what is on Netflix that is any good.

    I just watched Shutter Island and gave it five stars.
  2. DIYer

    DIYer Well-Known Member Famous

  3. Towen7

    Towen7 Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator

    Defiance with Daniel Craig.
  4. mzpro5

    mzpro5 Well-Known Member Famous

    For those that like Asian martial arts films "Chocolate" is a fun film. Weak story line but plenty of good action.

    And Spartacus: Blood and Sand was just made available via streaming, previously only available via disc rental.
  5. Huey

    Huey Well-Known Member Famous

    Not that it makes any difference, but that's been available for awhile. I caught it last summer via Netflix streaming.

    May not be streaming, but watched The Expendables last night on Bluray from Netflix. Awesome ride of a movie. Last thing streamed was Christmas Vacation.
  6. Razz

    Razz Well-Known Member

    I'm watching the Lost series from sart. I gave up on in 7 years ago or so but watching them back to back is really nice.

    I only get Netflix in standard (although Lost SD is very good). I have not even seen the option for HD...

    Does anyone here watch Netfix in HD? If so how?
  7. -B-

    -B- Well-Known Member

    What device to you use? It automatically detects my HD hook ups (Roku/PS3)
  8. PaulyT

    PaulyT Behind the Curtain Staff Member Administrator Moderator Superstar

    Not everything on Netflix is HD, esp. TV shows... it should be automatic, if it's available, and possibly if the streaming server detects that you have sufficient bandwidth for HD. Try streaming a newer movie or something that you know is HD.
  9. Kazaam

    Kazaam Well-Known Member

    On a PS3, if you select a movie that is available in HD, you can verify that your stream is coming in at HD and not SD by hitting the "select" controller on the gamepad while the movie plays. (I went quite a while before I picked up on that bit of info... so thought I'd share.) Anyway... I've found that it varies slightly as the movie plays, such as Medium HD to High HD to Xtra High HD or SD, etc, depending on how fast your connection is at that particular moment.
  10. Kazaam

    Kazaam Well-Known Member


    There's a documentary streaming on Netflix about the Moog Synthesizer. It's a little slow at times and at about an hour's length is longer than necessary, yet it's still mildly interesting. The film includes some archival footage. But it mostly focuses on many modern-day interviews with inventor Robert Moog and various moog musicians. My favorite part was when Rick Wakeman said he bought his first "mini-moog" from Jack Wild (the actor who played "Jimmy" on the show H.R. Pufnstuff). No, check that. It was the beer commercial.
  11. Botch

    Botch I.Y.A.A.Y.A.S! Superstar

    I have that on DVD. Bob Moog changed the face of music! :bow-blue:
  12. Razz

    Razz Well-Known Member

    awww.. thats whats going on..

    I kept wondering why "Lost" looked so dam good... it's says.. "Medium/HD"
  13. mzpro5

    mzpro5 Well-Known Member Famous


    This compelling documentary recounts the story of 10 Jewish intellectuals who were expelled from Nazi Germany, only to return during World War II to use their intimate knowledge of the country to wreak psychological havoc on Hitler's Nazi forces. Trained at Maryland's Camp Ritchie, these German refugees were a strange sight in the U.S. Army, but their contributions to the war effort were heroic and invaluable.

    Good documentary that covered a bit of WWII history I was unfamiliar with. Available via Netflix streaming.

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