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Which system?


Active Member
Home or auto?????

I need to post something here to get me started.

I'll start w/the Home:
Magnavox 42" LCD 720p TV
Sony System 9000 HT
Sony PS3 for gaming and Blu-rays
Toshiba HD-DVD HD-A3 for HD's and upscaling of DVD's

*Looking at building my own speaker set up using some 5 1/4" Silver Flutes and ?? for tweeters and I'm looking at a Yamaha/Pioneer/Harmon Kardon receiver. A friend gave me an 8" infinity sub I'd use in the mean time.

The way everything is arranged is a bit different, the PS3 is now in the empty spot to the left of the center ch speaker, and a Direct TV HD receiver is now in the spot of the VCR (VCR is gone).


Here is the 6 1/2" version of the Silver Flutes



As most that know me know this is where I thrive and well... :text-imsorry: ... NOT!
A new set up is in the making, an (new) Eclipse AVN6620 head unit to replace the Eclipse CD8455 and a (new) Audison LRX5.1k amp to replace my beloved Phoenix Gold amps, the ZX450v2 and the ZPA0.5v1. The mids are 6 1/2" Silver Flute (the ones pictured above) and for now, Phoenix Gold Elite tweeters (made by Morel and is their MT-23 re-cased) and 2 TREO 12" SSi12.22 subs wired to 2 ohms, an Audio Control DQS for EQing, a Phoenix Gold BassCube for the extra Umph when I feel like getting roudy.