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Who Likes Jamiroquai?


Retired Admin
Through the years, I've heard his music on the radio. It was OK. I never minded hearing it but I guess I never liked it enough to buy any of his albums. So what possessed me to finally do so, I don't really know but I'm sure glad I did.

I picked up his latest disc "Rock Dust Light Star". I liked it, enough to buy more. So I ordered 5 others. Today, "Dynamite" (Dual Disc) arrived. WOW! What a great album! Not only is the music really, really good, but it sounds fantabulous!!! In fairness, I don't think it's a non-compressed, supremely recorded offering worthy of mention in the Stellar Recordings thread, but it's damn close.

If you like Jamiroquai and don't have this particular disc, get it! If you don't like him and don't have this disc, get it - I bet you'll like it. And if you do like him and do have this disc, why the hell hasn't anybody mentioned it?


I've got one album: "Traveling Without Moving".

Originally, I bought it on cassette in a clearance bin years and years and years ago. Played it in my crappy Ford Taurus that was falling apart practically everywhere except for the tape deck. Prior to purchasing the album I only knew the one song, "Virtual Insanity", but ended up liking the rest of the album enough so that I ended up buying the CD on the used racks a few years later.

But I never bothered to get any more Jamiroquai stuff for some reason.
I think I have everything they've released except the disk shown, added to the list! I've been a big fan of the band ever since my Brit-funk period (Traveling without Moving); a lot of critics complain that their sound is dated, but it's Britfunk so I don't mind. Jay Kay has a voice that just doesn't sound like it should come out of a white guy, incredible pipes.

If you like Jamiroquai, are you familiar with Level 42?

Probably on my top-5 favorite band list! :bow-blue: :bow-blue: :bow-blue:
All I remember about themwash the really neat music video thru released forever ago... I cant recall the name of the song though.
Virtual Insanity:


:banana-rock: :banana-rock:
Zing, here's Level 42's big hit in the States, not the original video (couldn't find it on EweTube) but it is the original track. Love that band!
Botch said:
Zing, here's Level 42's big hit in the States, not the original video (couldn't find it on EweTube) but it is the original track. Love that band!

Hey, I remember that song!!! But have no recollection of any band called Level 42.
-B- said:
I dig the song Napolean Dynamite does his dance thing to.

Canned Heat? That song's on the Godzilla soundtrack too.

I love Jamiroquai. I have Synkronized which is a great album. I really need to get more of their stuff.

I also liked this tune by them.

Also, If you liked these guys Zing, you should also check out Galactic. A bit more jazzy (with some "nawlins" flavor), but still plenty of funk.
Kazaam said:
Britfunk? That's a term I've never heard. Is it as good as Mexifunk and Canapop?
Much, much better. Funk-rock by blue-eyed british kids (there was another band of british kids who emulated American blues; Stones, anyone?) ;)
I loved that song on the radio years ago, but could never find out who did it until a band did it, I had to run up to the stage and ask who it was.
I understand they're back in the studio again.. :music-rockout:
Botch said:
If you like Jamiroquai, are you familiar with Level 42?
I am familar but not neccessarily a fan. Then again, that was my point in the OP. Had anyone asked me if I liked Jamiroquai, up until a few days ago, I would've answered with "Eh, he's alright. I could take him or leave him". But I was only basing that on hearing him on the radio a dozen or so years ago. Now, having heard his recordings on a significantly better setup than I had more than a decade ago, I'm diggin' it! So maybe I shouldn't dismiss Level 42 just yet.
Kazaam said:
Britfunk? That's a term I've never heard. Is it as good as Mexifunk and Canapop?


i raughed out roud when i saw this...

(i cant take that picture out of my brain... hehehe. yes, i divulged into the funniest picture thread)...
Zing said:

Well, w00t and stuff, I do own this disk! It was in my non-alphabetized stack that is still awaiting some new shelving. Another 5.1 SACD I didn't know I had!
Owe you a beer, Zing! :banana-dance: :banana-dance: :banana-dance:
Don't get too excited. It's not 5.1 and it's not DVD-Audio. It's "enhanced stereo", whateverthefuck that means.

I saw "Dual Disc", assumed DVD-A and jumped. It wasn't until it arrived that I found out about the enhanced stereo thing. I haven't eeven played that side yet. But the traditional 2CH CD side is, as I said, FANTABULOUS!
Maybe you can still owe him "short" if not a "tall" beer? It may not be 5.1, but he did help you remember that you at least had the music, right?

Oh... and DualDisc is one fooked up medium. Some with hi-rez 5.1, some with lo-rez 5.1, some with "enhanced stereo", some without anything other than a video or concert. And, how could I ever forget: Some that play the CD side, and some that just plain don't. I'm embarrassed that I ever thought DualDisc *might* have been an OK idea. It never ever should've been approved for release.
Zing said:
It's "enhanced stereo", whateverthefuck that means.

If it's a Sony release, then it probably means 48kHz/16bit, as opposed to 44.1kHz/16 bit. That's super enhanced, to be sure!

The only good thing about the Sony DualDiscs was that, unlike some of their Regular CD-Only releases of that same era, the DualDisc versions were so fooked up already that Sony usually didn't bother to include the Copy Protection and the hidden Sony Rootkit (with its backdoor that allowed big brother to snoop through your computer).