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Wish You Were Here SACD finaly getting released

Yeah, $35 is pretty damn steep. Sucks...
Saw that in one of the mags, @ $35 I think I'll hold off for a bit. :angry-tappingfoot:
Pink Floyd Releases "Wish You Were Here" SACD, November 07, 2011


Once upon a time, I wouldn't have hardly batted an eye: It'd be mine! But after shipping this disc will be close to $40. Times change; priorities change. I'm kind of leaning toward "no" on this one. We'll see once we get closer to November.

EDIT: And there's no way I'll be spending the $100+ for the "Immersion" box set.
Yesfan70 said:
Is there a 5.1 mix??? I won't bother if there isn't.

SACD Hybrid, both 5.1 and stereo layers. I'd like to own this disc, but only after the "I got it first" folks drive the price down.