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Wow, does it get any worse than this?


Humble Servant
As much as I hate to admit it seems we may have seen the best of Amy Winehouse. Her candle shined too brightly and is now becoming dim. Perhaps she can recover like Natalie Cole and regain her career but she is in the midst of a disasterous ride.

This was her concert in Serbia on last Saturday.

Holy shit, she is straight geekin on stage. I'm thinking she OD's before the year is up.
I never thought much of her. The producers who created her sound and surrounded her with genius musicians are who you should love, not Amy.
Amy has talent! If you've seen her documentary you know she can sing. She just can't get her shit together!

I hope she figures it out and gets done partying before she dies! She could be a star!

For examples of her talent, listen to her first album "Frank"!

Wow, that was terrible.

EDIT: What is the name of the track in the video? I did like the drums and horns, but she pretty much ruined it. Maybe the sober version sounds better?