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WWII in color on PBS


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Has anyone watched this series? Wow, is all I have to say. Wow.

Last night they talked about the events leading up to the A-bomb. Admittedly, I know nothing about history, but I found myself watching (engrossed) in this series with mouth wide-open.

I had no idea about the amount of death and destruction we dealt Japan BEFORE the bombing. I knew they were a tough / evil military based on their actions with China. The bombing tours followed by the incineration bombs were crazy. We went after civilians during this time, killing hundreds of thousands of them and Japan would simply not surrender.

Then, the uranium bomb (the small one). Shock wave alone leveled a 5 mile radius. Next, the plutonium bomb (bigger one). The footage was hard to watch, but the level of destruction and death is hard to comprehend. The smaller bomb carried with it a 5000 degree heat wave that completely eliminated all traces of 50 to 100,000 people. I also didn't realize that Russia came in afterwards and we also had to continue bombing them before they surrendered, unconditionally.

The amount of death and destruction (and this isn't even counting the Battle of Iwo Jima) is staggering. I didn't sleep much last night thinking about it.

I've watched many hours of this series and think it is fantastic. They begin well before WWII and describe the events that led to it. I highly recommend viewing this if you get the chance.
Glad to hear you are learning.

As someone with a history degree ( and has continued studying history my entire life) and a past history teacher it amazes and distresses me the lack of knowledge concerning history.

I actually had a discussion with some fool the other day who said Japan had every right to attack the US because we instituted sanctions against them. What he didn't bother to learn about is those sanctions and embargoes were a result of Japan's unbridled aggression in China during most of the '30s.

Of course this same idiot said the major reason we got into WWII was to stop the Holocaust and that we failed so we were wrong in pursuing WWII and during that time the US was a "war monger".

A simple perusal of Google could have educated him on the facts in less than 30 minutes.

If you have NF streaming you should also check out

The Color of War

WWII in HD this is really not "HD" but still has some great footage.
Yeah, world history is fascinating.

I'm far, far from mz's status, but I love it!

:handgestures-thumbup: - - thanks for the tips, men
I absolutely love this series, while not really "HD" its about as close as anyone is ever going to get with the ORIGINAL footage.
I guess I missed this thread the first time around. Jamhead, what's the official title/author/publisher of the series? I'd really like to see it.
Botch said:
I guess I missed this thread the first time around. Jamhead, what's the official title/author/publisher of the series? I'd really like to see it.

I know of three very similar series all worth checking out.

"WWII in Color"
"The Color of War"
"WWII in HD."

the last two are available via NF streaming.

Also the Ken Burns/PBS excellent series "The War" is available on NF if you haven't seen it.
I believe it was WWII in HD. Not sure, as it may have been WWII in color. I'll see if I can check it out.