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X-Men First class

It was pretty good. Had some great scenes and one really great one-liner.
Easily worth a matinée. I won't post anything else so there's no spoilers. However, don't bother staying for sneak peeks at the end of the movie.

Professional reviewers I generally trust are saying this is a very surprisingly good prequel.
I liked Wolverine. I'm thinking I may like this one too. The lack of any big names is probably a good thing. I'll definitely be catching this one in the theater.
I'm gonna have to sneak this one in I guess, no one in my house is interested but me. I'm a casual fan of the X-men franchise so I won't be disappointed if it sucks, but all indications are that it's pretty damn good...
It got damn hot today so I wrapped work up a bit early and caught this today. I was really entertained! Again as a casual fan of the franchise I have seen all of the movies including X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and I liked this one the most by a good margin. They did a good job tying them to the first three w/o overdoing it also. I wouldn't mind one bit if they built off of this one to fill in some more gaps... :handgestures-thumbup: