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XBox hacked!


Active Member
Hey guys, just a heads up. My son plays Call of Duty (AKA COD AKA Duty). I bought the elite COD edition for Christmas 2009. He has played like a maniac and made several "Friends" at least one of which has absconded with his gamer tag (My MSN user name) and roughly $200.00 of my money.

If you play COD, you need to be aware that somehow there is a way for a hacker to jack your gamer tag, and apparently this is subject to happening when in a private room. The thief who got me was smart enough to transfer the purchases to another gamer tag and then cancel the gamer tag he snatched from my son but that should not prevent the Xbox team from tracking the IP.

The investigation is just beginning and they have told me that it should take roughly 7 days during which time our Xbox is on lock down, which I assume simply means that it will not have Xbox live during the investigation.

I became aware of the issue primarily because for the first time in about 10 years I had to change my Hotmail password several times within a few days and in fact my security question got changed. I also received a few emails confirming a purchase of MS Points and the transfer of said points. Then of course the charges began to show on my bank statement.

I unknowingly bought Gears of War, Xbox Live, and MS Points among other things. :angry-cussingblack: :angry-banghead: :handgestures-thumbdown: :violence-torch:

So, count this as a warning in case you weren't aware of the possibility.
Thanks for the heads-up.

That totally sucks. I hope MS can make things right for you.
Wow, that 's horrible.

Thanks for the warning, I play COD Black Ops online all the time.

lulimet said:
Did he receive a 'free microsoft points' message?

I assume you mean through the Xbox? I am not sure, I will ask him though because I am real curious how this guy managed to jack the account and of course my son claims he has no idea.
Yes through the xbox. There was a scam going on.You'd get a message about free MS points and asked you for your information. Some people fell for it and had their accounts hacked.
It is amazing what can happen when you do a couple things on xbox...

1. give out information
2. get into a hacked private room with a guy hosting through an actual desktop computer.

I have had friends fall prey to the free points scam and they are still made fun of...almost as much as one who said he pulled the cartilage in his rib cage doing the shake weight.

The hacked one got me in modern warfare 2. The hacker didn't get money but he reset my status from eighth prestige back to level one and reset all my achievements and unlocks for the game. not awesome. I am always leery and sometimes just back out of rooms with guys who have:
1. gamertags different in game than in dashboard
2. colored gamertags
3. invisible gamertags
4. any variant of gamertag messed up.

Those guys have hacked accounts and mod and can have the ability to do some pretty crazy stuff.
Well goddamnmotherfucker....
My account got hacked as well today.

Lucky I do not use MSN, hotmail, microsoft live or zune because I would not be able to access those accounts while the investigation is under way (7 to 10 days).

I just happend to be sending an email at work at 9:30 this morning when I noticed two emails from microsoft pop in my inbox at the same exact time thanking me for my purchase of microsoft xbox live points.

I called microsoft immediately and was able to freeze my account before the hackers could transfer the microsoft points to their account. So hopefully they can just refund my card for the amount and take the points back.

I am glad I will be camping this weekend and busy all next week at work, no xbox live is gonna suck.