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Xbox racing wheel stand

I wish I knew 'cause online racing sims are about the only games I really enjoy, and I can't do it anymore until there is a broadband provider at my new place. (You can't do this with HughesNet.)

I have thought alot about how I would manage the wheel/pedals in my little HT room, and I believe a stand like one of those is the way to go for me. Maybe someday I'll be able to find out. :handgestures-fingerscrossed:
Those online racing guys are pretty fanatical. Ive seen them use wheel/pedal combos that cost close to a grand and racing chairs that cost more than that. I'm not that into it. I just want a stable platform for the wheel. Playing racing and flight sims on the projector screen is a blast.

The Xlerator is on backorder until Feb but I'm thinking I'm going to hold out until then. Its the only one that doesn't have a support rod between your knees. It also looks the most stable. The negative is that it's big and doesn't collapse for storage.

FWIW I scored a wireless Xbox wheel for $25 on craigslist. They usually sell used for $100.
Great price on the wheel!

I have the MS wheel too. I know this is more than you want to spend but this is what I have:


It needs an add-on mount for the wheel as the MS wheel is oddly shaped and will not fit on most mounts (unless made specifically for it). The mount is here:


I am extremely satisfied with it. I bought a special version on the seat (Forza 3 edition) that came with the add-on, wheel, and game for about the price of the seat by itself. I'm getting my monies worth since I am also using the seat with my Logitech Driving Force GT wheel and GT5.

As you probably already know, the base of the MS wheel is curved (so it can sit on your lap), not flat, and the clamping system will not work well on thin, non-tailor-fitted bases. Most stands work with the Logitech or Fanetec Porsche wheels by default, but typically need a special add-on or be purpose built to work with the MS Wheel. If you are thinking of using the stand for the PS3 as well (which the MS wheel does not work with), you might want to buy a stand that uses the add-on approach as opposed to being purpose built so you can use it with both wheels.

Another idea: I have successfully clamped the MS wheel using the clamping attachment that comes with it to a card table and used that before I got the seat (the items shipped separately and I got the wheel a month before the seat). That worked pretty wheel and was very stable.

As regards the stands the Xlerator seems the most stable as it has the side bars that appear to connect to the seat/couch you might play from. However, don't expect a whole lot, even the vertical column of my seat will wobble a little, but it isn't enough to distract from game play.
Yeah. North of $300 is more that I want to spend right now and that chair takes up a lot of space. I'm getting seriously hooked but I'm not going that far just yet. I can see it getting to that point though.
^ Looks great... Except it doesn't work with Xbox. :violence-torch:
Details...details...if you saw my other post tonight, you know that it's been a fun night. :eek:bscene-drinkingdrunk:

I preordered the Fanatec RennSport wheel stand with Xbox adapter. It seems as though the release of GT5 has been good for third party racing accessory makers. Everything I've looked at is out of stock. I found some great reviews and the consensus is that the Xlerator is the least expensive but the easiest to get in/out of. Both the Wheel Stand Pro and the Fanatec collapse for easy storage. Of the two, the Wheel Stand Pro is the most adjustable, and the Fanatec is the most stable. The Fanatec is also compatible with all the popular heels out there while the Wheel Stand Pro has different models for different wheels.