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Yromj's Household


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Long story shortened to 10 words or less: I've been back in my house for two months now.

I've got three setups that I'm going to describe and then post pics of, because I know this thread is worthless without pics.

First, the master bedroom. I've got a 42" Panasonic plasma wall-mounted above a dresser in there. I don't have any other speakers other than the TV or anything but its sources are all in the living room making it a very clean install.

Next, the living room. I've got a 32" LG LCD, Sony BDP-N460 blu-ray player, Dish 722 DVR, and a Yamaha RX-V867 receiver. I chose that receiver for 2 reasons: 1. It's networkable and plays Pandora, Sirius Internet Radio, Internet Radio, and more. 2. It does HDMI passthrough and switching to two HDMI outputs, even while its off. The HDMI outs are also independently configurable so that I can have the LR TV not receive sound via HDMI but the bedroom TV does. Very flexible!! For those of you wondering, the smaller TV is in the living room because we don't watch it quite as much (see below) and the head of the bed is a LOT farther away than the couch.

Finally, the theater. It's largely unchanged from before. It's got a Yamaha 5 disc CD changer, Dish 922 receiver, Sony BDP-360 blu-ray player (on the upgrade list), Onkyo Pro PR-SC885 pre/pro, and a Sony HS51A projector (also on the upgrade list) hitting a 102" Carada Criterion screen. This is where I watch the majority of my TV and all of my movies.

I'll post pics soon.

Curious as to your thoughts on the 922, has it given you any headaches at all? I have had mine for ~6 mos and love it...
I mounted my 42" plasma above the dresser as well and ran the power and HDMI cable through the wall to a plate behind the dresser. That way the STB sits on the dresser and the tv floats above it all with no wires exposed at all.

Are you feeding both TVs from the same receiver?
That's great, John. I look forward to the pics!
You and T7 need to put some GTGs on the calendar so I can get my plane tix...:D
I think I must be so far behind on the current events of this story that I am afraid to ask any further questions. :? :? :?
I'm happy you are back in your hm buddy, look forward to the pics!

Batman said:
Curious as to your thoughts on the 922, has it given you any headaches at all? I have had mine for ~6 mos and love it...

I love mine too, my first one crashed on me but the replacement has been flawless!
Overall, I'm very pleased with the 922. In hindsight I probably should have put the 722 in the theater and the 922 in the living room. The 922's second tuner isn't as user friendly as the 722's due to remote issues. Also, I had a bunch of recordings on the 722 that I want to view in the theater, but there are other ways to handle that. I will say that it's not as stable as the 722 though. For instance, I was trying to set the DVR using the web today (I love that feature for both my DVRs!!) and I had to reset it to get it to work. The menu is very nice and a big improvement over the previous Dish boxes, IMHO.

T7, yes I'm feeding both TVs the same blu-ray and Dish receiver through a single Yamaha RX-V867 receiver. Both TVs must watch the same source at the same time but that's not an issue for us. (I do have tuner 2's feed from the 722 going to the bedroom TV but I've never used it.)

As for the rest of the story...-B- is dead on.

How are you feeding the TVs? Are they on a common wall or did you have to pull an HDMI cable across the house?
The TVs are on a common wall. I do have a 40' HDMI cable pulled from the opposite wall though when I was doing something similar but with different equipment. This way is MUCH simpler and MUCH more reliable than using the HDMI switch, etc. that I was using in the past.

The living room:


The bedroom:


The theater (this is unchanged from before, but the pics are current):

The table at the back:


Seating, mains & center, and screen:


Well, there's the pics!!

I must have been under a rock. I was unaware your house ran away. ah screw the house, your theater.