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Recent content by nelmr

  1. nelmr

    IEMs more dangerous beyond just merely being super efficent?

    I used to think all the warnings about IEMs being dangerous is because of them being so efficient and can easily be used at loud levels and maybe if you inserted them too deep. But then I came across this: http://www.innerfidelity.com/images/110 ... erADEL.pdf Thoughts?
  2. nelmr

    Two sources into one subwoofer?

    Works great except if I have both my PC and Receiver plugged into the sub it hums. If I unplug the Receiver it doesn't. Is this a ground loop problem? If so how do I solve it?
  3. nelmr

    Two sources into one subwoofer?

    Hi everyone, it's been a while. I'm thinking about doing the following but wanted to make sure this won't cause any problems. Hopefully this isn't like using a y-splitter in reverse, but I want to make sure it indeed is not the same. I have my PC and HT in the same room. My PC has it's own 2.0...
  4. nelmr

    Panasonic:2011 Kuro level black & 1200 pps

    So the black levels compare as follows: ST30 = G/GT25 GT30 = VT25 VT30 = KURO There is no official word on if these models suffer from rising black levels over time (like the 2009/2010 models). If the have eliminated the rising black issue, I'd say this is awesome news! I own a 50GT25 by the...
  5. nelmr

    Onkyo Upgrades Receiver Line

    http://slickdeals.net/permadeal/50219/s ... 80-or-less
  6. nelmr

    Bose Panaray

    Technical Specifications * Dimensions: 18.1"D x 10.2"W x 26.7"H (46 cm x 25.9 cm x 67.8 cm) * Weight: 45 lbs. (20kg) * Driver complement: Four 51/4" drivers in a direct vented box * Maximum acoustic output: 110dB-SPL, at 1m (pink noise) * Impedance: 8 ohm nominal *...
  7. nelmr

    Plasma vs. LCD - a simple test

    Well during the Superbowl we had several people over. I had the Plasma hooked up in the main room to the DVR/FiberOptic TV and the LCD in the other room using pure OTA. Both TVs have been calibrated using the S&V disk. The LCD is a 60hz 1080p set from Sharp Aquaos(2.5 years old). The Plasma is...
  8. nelmr

    Which One Would You Pick?

    I picked the Onkyo 708 when looking at those other receivers and have been happy with it ever since. I first bought a Denon 3310 for about the same price but didn't like it for several reasons. I don't have a single complaint about the Onkyo other than it's looks (which don't mean squat anyway).
  9. nelmr

    HSU VTF-15H Audioholics Indepth Review

    That's mentioned on the cons because they only tested it with both ports open. Regarding the port tuning they say this: "Unfortunately we had time to only measure and listen to one mode (all ports open). As seen in the curves provided by the manufacturer, the one port open mode should provide...
  10. nelmr

    HSU VTF-15H Audioholics Indepth Review

    http://www.audioholics.com/reviews/speakers/subwoofers/vtf-15h That website also has reviews from the same reviewer of the SVS PB12-Plus ($1448 shipped) and Rythmik FV15HP ($1339 shipped) subs as comparisons. The HSU as you know is $1018 shipped. From what I can tell, the other two subs do...
  11. nelmr

    Cool/futuristic - but not practical for good PQ?

    Transparent OLED for laptops: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPY7WYBtq8w
  12. nelmr

    I'm not crazy after all

    That's an idea too. For me the buzzing isn't a big deal though (especially considering the price I paid as an amazon-honored price mistake). I've only noticed it so far with break-in slides (pure white, green, red, and blue, and then shades of these). It's only on the pure white to grey images...
  13. nelmr

    I'm not crazy after all

    Doghart, I found this interesting thread over at avsforums: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthre ... st19790362 The linked post mentions that a tech visit may be able to help further reduce buzzing, though some suspect the "fix" is dubious. Nevertheless, the thread mentions that sitting...
  14. nelmr

    I'm not crazy after all

    By metal backing do you mean the outermost casing of the TV, or the metal backing of the panel inside the TV casing (i.e. seen thru the vents). If the former, mine is black metal, if the later, it is silver/gray.
  15. nelmr

    I'm not crazy after all

    Well today I tried the "break-in" slides to help speed up the break in period before the Superbowl. My TV is the Panasonic 50" GT25. what I noticed is that when the pure white is displayed the buzz is quite noticeable. Again, this is full screen white which is displayed for 30 seconds straight...