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Always pleased with Blue Jeans Cable


Well-Known Member
I realize people can get cheaper stuff from Monoprice or other avenues but I have always liked BJC for my cables and interconnects, I just wish I had discovered them before my initial Monster buying in 2001.
I have used them to help friends setup new systems and have saved them tons of money.

Because I'm a dork, I ordered my stereo cables for the amp in blue and white instead of the traditional red and white. I love the RCA plugs. Great fit without the death grip. rps20180714_002834.jpg


Well-Known Member
I have a long Belden Series 1 HDMI cable I bought from BJC back when I set up my theater- HDMI 1.3 had just come out and I wasn't sure if a lesser cable would be compliant. It's worked great. I'm not even sure I'll need to update to a higher bandwidth HDMI cable when I switch the TV to a 4K model.