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An Idiot Abroad


Well-Known Member
Is a must watch!
This is one of the funniest shows I've seen since the BBC version of Top Gear. Why is it that they understand comedy so much better across the pond?

The show is on the Sc Channel.
I've been across the pond and have seen the shows which are not rebroadcast over here. Trust me, what we get is absolutely the cream of the crop from the UK. Most of the stuff they create is horrible, much worse than anything you'll see on any major network in the US, and often worse than the stuff TLC or Lifetime show here.

If we could take just the best 6 shows from the US and use them to define how great US entertainment is, everyone would be very impressed.

That said, An Idiot Abroad is terribly funny.
This is why I love the netflix instant viewing.

The I.T. crowd
Gavin & Stacey
The Office
Fawlty Towers
Red Dwarf
Only Fools and Horses
The Young Ones

Ah hell I could type these in all night.

IG, that makes sense. Man when they get it right they hit it out of the park!

Botch, thanks for going easy on me....lol
That show is hilarious. They had a marathon on Science Channel last night. I like the one where he goes to Israel and gets "kidnapped".

The Young Ones on Netflix? Sweet! (hope you can stream it).
Dentman said:
IG, that makes sense. Man when they get it right they hit it out of the park!

Botch, thanks for going easy on me....lol

They do hit it out of the park. The British are willing to take risks on intelligent comedy which makes them genius! Their smart comedians can make me laugh without relying on potty humor at every turn. Aside from the obvious "Monty Python", I love "A bit of Fry and Laurie" and "That Mitchell and Webb Look" are absolutely genius and side-splitting hilarious - for sketch comedy shows. I also love their more subtle drama/comedies like "Doc Martin" and "Peep Show".

I spent two days stuck in Ireland last December due to a snow storm and had the telly on while I was working in my hotel room... aside from an interesting "how do they make it" show about how bizzare food ingredients get made (like partially hydroginated oil and concentrated apple juice), it was a total mind numbing waste of radio broadcast energy which could have been better spent processing meat.
Flint said:
........I love "A bit of Fry and Laurie" and "That Mitchell and Webb Look".....

I also like That Mitchell and Webb Look. Is it still on? I haven't seen the first one listed. I may check it out. Top Gear is usually the show I look for when on BBC America.
I have nothing worthwhile to add to this thread, as I have not seen this show.

Howver, every time I see the subject of this thread it reminds me that I need to apply for a passport.
Science channel is doing a marathon of Idiot today.

Even though I have seen most of them it is still hilarious.
I remember this episode a few weeks ago.....


If I remember correctly, he was screaming "FUUUUUUCK!!!" as the classical song, "In The Hall Of The Mountain King" was playing in the background. :laughing-lettersrofl: