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Anyone have a spare Audyssey Calibration Mic?


Well-Known Member
I picked up an open box Denon 4310 over the weekend and didn't get the Audyssey calibration mic. Does anyone happen to have an extra one? Is there any place to get a cheap replacement other than eBay? Also, I seems like calibration mics would be interchangable, but is there any reason I should try to get the specific mic that shipped with this receiver?
I have an old Denon mic from a 2105. Not sure if it's what you need.
Towen7 said:
I have an old Denon mic from a 2105. Not sure if it's what you need.

Thanks, but I called the store back today and they were able to locate one for me, so I'm covered! Can't wait to run it!
MatthewB said:
glad you got hooked up because I would've loaned you one from my Denon 3808ci

Thanks! I'm glad to have one of my own since I'm sure I'll run it a few times as things in the room change.