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Arkham City


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Out tonight at midnight. This is the first time ever I will be at a store at 12:00am to pick up a video game...Every review I've taken the time to read has given it a 9.5/10 or a 10 I'm fucking stoked!!! :banana-rock:


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But I want to play it tonight!!! :eek:bscene-birdiedoublered:
getting mine tomorrow. id have to admit tho, my er... enthusiasm seems to be undertoned by other games ive played.

i love batman, im a big fan dont get me wrong, but i guess in the first game i ended up being 'stuck' in the detective mode a lot.

plus i have to worry about battlefield 3 and metal gear solid hd collection.

anyhoo, give us your impressions tomorrow! i got mine via gamestop, just for the joker maps...
just finished off rage, and well, disappointed in it. great game, altho worthy only of a rental. sadly, this is bethesda on the edge.

anyways, man oh man...

i admit, i didnt really get that into batman arkham asylum last year, due to the fact i stayed pretty much in the 'detective' mode... i loved the game, i got most of the trophies to prove it, but felt.... hmm... a bit tied in.

i guess im coming from a different perspective - im a open sandbox kinda guy. i want to do things in an open area, that i can. linears are a thing of the past, yet a perfect example is rage. its not worth it.

anyways, back to the game. i got in a good hour and a half i think.

and i know, i KNOW i wil love this. i dont know what will happen when battlefield 3 comes around. i know id be busy off the bat on bf3, both campaign and multiplayer.

batman tho, is a great contender. this ones got so much available in it. i read thru it and all, reviews a while back, a couple here and there, but man, i did not expect such an immersive city, plus upgrades ala rpg style. RPG STYLE - definitely the way to go.

i couldnt believe the enlightenment i saw - my favorite comic character, open sandbox, rpg upgrades, what more can i say?

too bad its not solid snake. :happy-smileygiantred:

in a nutshell - if you liked or experienced the first batman, id highly suggest to get this one.

do you NEED to experience batman AA? id Suggest to, but if you're familiar with some of the characters, youd enjoy this after reading the storyline on the net.

but definitely an amazing piece of work. great job rocksteady.
Towen7 said:

Was it worth waiting-up for?
YES!! Rocksteady didn't miss a beat, picking up right where Arkham Asylum left off...the AI in this game is much better, either I'm a little rusty since finishing AA or the enemies/thugs are a bit smarter this time around so you gotta think a little quicker on your feet. Also as Batman, you find your self up against greater odds in streetfights. In AA you may be outnumbered 10-1 at the most (excluding bosses) its not uncommon at all in AC to have thugs in the upper teens or twenties during these encounters. There were NO side missions as I recall in AA, this game has you zig-zagging all over the facility and they're layered as well. Also the Riddler challenges in this one are way more intense. Many of them are interactive puzzles which you may have to dip into your plethora of gadgets to obtain, rather than simply seeking them out. As a gigantic Batman fan (incase some of you weren't aware) I'm simply in my glory with this release, it was not only worth waiting up til midnight to get, but worth the ~2 year wait since the last one. :handgestures-thumbup: :handgestures-thumbup: :handgestures-thumbup: :handgestures-thumbup:
Well I'm definitely interested in getting this one; I was kinda so-so on Arkham Asylum, but this one seems to be getting much better reviews all around. But for $50, I think I'll wait a while for the used market.

get it. in fact get it new.
1. catwoman code is only for new owners unless you purchase it via PSN (which is 10 bucks)...

2. you CAN get it, via gamestop but unconfirmed nor deniable by gamestop (internal email suggested you can apparently give it away)...

its got SO much going on with it.

i LOVED it. i still do.

three things i hate
1. i HATE the AR missions.
2. i am gliding around, suddenly hear telephones ringing, someone crying for help, riddler trophy in the corner of my eye, all while doing a AR mission or a timed mission. so much at the same time.
3. apparently i suck at combo moves.
Just beat it!! Have to go back in and finish a bunch of side quests and there's basically a bonus sequence as Catwoman at the end (although you play as her at various times throughout) after the main story as Batman ends...
Unfortunately no, probably the games biggest gripe IMO, but my guess is the developers wrestled with how to do split screen properly since so much of the game is played in "stealth"... :twocents-mytwocents:
Know a few gamers that have beat it already and sounded disappointed....there's also a clue there about potential future stuff.
sadly mines collecting dust after battlefield 3 was eaten by my ps3. apparently it doesnt want to spit it out.

anyways, i plan to play this again soon, probably after Skyrim and Metal gear...

one big big gripe - i hated the riddler challenges. some of them are unbelievably hard. i also hate the AR missions. (especially the one on top of a red sign)...
***Slight Spoiler***

When the game ended I had no idea that the boss I had just defeated was the last one until a brief cinematic cut-scene began and then whamo, end credits. I admit to being a bit disappointed in that regard. After the end credits I was given the option to continue back into Arkham City as Catwoman to collect some things and escape, as she had some unfinished business with Two-Face. I got my ass whipped as I gave Batman all the upgrades during my progress throughout the game and Catwoman got very few as a result so it doesn't take long to get killed if I'm not on top of my fighting game...I also hope that I can go back in as Batman and continue the side-quests and Riddler challenges as I was enjoying them a bit and just starting to get the hang of the harder ones too.
Turned the game on this morning and found out although I'm finished the story, I'm only 39% thru all the content...Much more time is gonna be required.
Based on this review I decided to play the first game, Arkham Asylum, so I wouldn't be lost while playing. I suck at video games so it took me a while but ... WOW ... what a game! I chose to spend very little time working on all the riddles and in game trophies and focus on the story. I finally finished and found that I found only 80% of the extras.

Now I'm working on Arkham City. It feels a lot less scripted because of all the side missions. There are a few new gadgets and combat maneuvers. I'm maybe 15% through the story and I'm completely hooked.

Thanks for bring this up Bats.
Got this one (for the PC), installed it yesterday morning thinking I'd just get it installed, go through the usual update/patch cycle, and run it a bit to check GPU performance.

Big, big mistake. I barely put the keyboard down until 2:30 am last night (or this morning), except a brief period where these odd small humanoids that have apparently been living in my house for a while requested some substance known as "dinner."

Damn, that's an addictive game, far more so for me than Arkham Asylum. Not sure why... I'm playing it on "hard" mode, and yeah I'm getting my ass whooped on a regular basis, but I thought the combat was a bit too easy when I played the first one (on normal mode, if there was a choice on the PS3 version, don't remember). You spend all this time upgrading the suit and getting fancy combat powers that were rarely used. Not so this time around, I'm actually really learning how to use all the fancy moves, and it's fun. 'Course, it took me about 1.5 hours just to get through that first 3-floor poison ivy mission with catwoman... :eek:

And yeah I can see why there are some gripes about the AR stuff, took me an hour at least to get that stupid dive-and-fly-through-the-joker-tunnel one. Not easy, and I'm not sure how useful that particular skill will be later on... we'll see. Otherwise I don't mind the ARs I've done so far because at least they teach useful skills.

And BTW, my GPU has no problems with this game. Looks good though! Not as "pretty" as Witcher but overall the presentation is good.
I don't know about the PC version but the Xbox edition is simply fantastic. The story Is a great Batman story, and all of the characters just fit within the story exactly as they should. This is something which sooooo many other licensed games just fail to do.