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Asian Cinema - the third child.

Discussion in 'Movies' started by jomari, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. jomari

    jomari War Never Changes Famous

    So, this would probably yet another thread resurrected from the dead. im not as sure as to how many would participate in this one, based on previous experiences with the past two.

    Nonetheless i say move forward, and try at least.

    Without further adieu,

    The good, the Bad, the Wierd.


    This one i rented via netflix, and recently just watched this a couple weeks back.

    I will say this with great pride - i think that this was an amazing tribute to the spaghetti westerns, and think that this is, to date a great western in its own light, despite being an asian film.

    For those who will watch this, the time period its in can be a tad confusing. Im sure as hell it aint in the west, so i kinda treat it like Mad Max, where its a conception of all different timeframes.
  2. Hot Monkey

    Hot Monkey Active Member

    Saw it recently... agree with your review. Silly fun plus nice and loud at times.

    Will contribute more to this post ASAP.

    Been crazy busy.

  3. jomari

    jomari War Never Changes Famous

    quick quick update.

    you can find a number of my previous recommendations ive done over the years via Netflix streaming, as well as Hot monkeys too...

    The ones i remember
    - Vengeance (most recent movie that coincidently is the 'unofficial part two' of Exiled
    - Spider forest (excellent thriller)
    - R Point (another great thriller from korea)
    - X i think (hot monkeys suggestion)
    - Face (hot monkey)


    Anyways, most of the good movies are on there, the best way of looking at them would be via time period. Excellent asian movies came out during 2000-2004 era, from both S. Korea as well as Hong Kong.

    Most if not all have subtitles.
  4. jomari

    jomari War Never Changes Famous

    so after christmas lunch with the GF's family at a chinese buffet place (go figure), we strolled over to a little chinese store, and lo and behold, a couple of movies for 5 bucks. (again, go figure - considering they had a couple of english flicks - understandable since they prefer it in chinese)

    i got the chance to see a couple of korean flicks. knowing that a korean dvd is worth around 30 clams alone to purchase on the legit market, i went ahead and dipped in to one of them.

    Saw Lee-Byun-hun on one of the covers, and also old boy's Min Sik Choi. I said to myself, i dont care how bad the movie is, but man, this must be good.

    Apparently its the new flick from Kim ji-woon, also known director for
    - Tale of two sisters
    - Bittersweet life (anyone interested in borrowing this from me let me know. its been AGES since ive recommended this film, and consider it my favorite)
    - Good bad and ugly.

    Anyways, i just got the chance to sit and watch it last night. ive had my share of vengeance movies, both asian as well as european. Park Chan Woo's Old boy is one significantly famous for, and id have to say this is half of what the film is.

    Its gory, its a soft porn, its violent. it was banned by korea to be shown in public theaters, which was later released with a higher rating.

    Ive had the chance to reflect on it as i smoked in the rain afterwards, and found myself thinking, just like cronos, its a play on character development. You wonder, WHO is the devil in this flick, and why the character deems to be.

    Its a great movie. Definitely something different, albeit technical difficulties with subtitles, im pleased to say i got to understand it via expressions, and well, they're just that great of an actor.

    Definitely a great movie to watch, but be weary, to watch this when kids arent home.

  5. mzpro5

    mzpro5 Well-Known Member Famous


    Weak story line but lots of fighting action in this one.
  6. jomari

    jomari War Never Changes Famous

    i hated the scene where she drops off the air conditioner unit on the building ledge.

  7. mzpro5

    mzpro5 Well-Known Member Famous


    Pretty good movie, lots of fighting action and loosely based on a true story of one man during the Japanese occupation China.


    the movie is Ip Man. Don't know why you cant see the pic it is from my photobucket file.
  8. jomari

    jomari War Never Changes Famous

    sorry mzpro, couldnt see the picture. :(

    will check later on...
  9. Hot Monkey

    Hot Monkey Active Member

  10. jomari

    jomari War Never Changes Famous

    didnt i send this to you a while back monkey?

    anyways, it was okay, but nothing compared to the original.
  11. Hot Monkey

    Hot Monkey Active Member

    I think it was one of the titles you sent but it's been so long since I have indulged my Asian Cinema fetish that I may not have recognized it right away. But the BluRay should be cool to look at anyway... maybe I'll remember it half way through... the mind works slowly as we get old.

    :auto-sportbike: :character-beavisbutthead: :character-grover: :character-spongebobdance: :flags-wavegreatbritain: :happy-partydance: :eek:bscene-tolietpush: :scared-shocked: :text-woo:

    (sorry I just noticed we have 10 pages of smilies)

    I also ordered a copy of this...




    Hopefully I have not seen this one already too.


    Senile Monkey
  12. jomari

    jomari War Never Changes Famous

    hmm. the kamui gaiden looks interesting. i have to add that on my netflix listings...

    interestingly enough, have you seen Ichi yet? the girl version? if not let me know. i dont necessarily buy the blu-ray versions of any of my movies on dvd, but plan to when i see Bittersweet life and Casshern when they're both out.
  13. Hot Monkey

    Hot Monkey Active Member

    I got about 15 minutes into Ichi on the treadmill with no volume and subtitles before I realized that it was good enough to deserve a proper viewing in the home theater so I shut it off. It's in a small pile next to my couch waiting to be watched.

  14. Hot Monkey

    Hot Monkey Active Member




    Reviewed well and described as somewhere between a Korean version of Taken and Leon (The Professional). I just blind ordered the upcoming US BluRay release based on a recommendation from a friend. My only concern is that I just went back and looked at the Amazon listing and noticed that they only list English as the soundtrack language. So I am hoping this is a mistake and the BluRay also has the proper original Korean soundtrack. It's due out in March so I guess I'll find out when it shows up. I'll let you know.

  15. Hot Monkey

    Hot Monkey Active Member

    OK so this is encouraging... found a few other sites that list the US BluRay release as having a Korean soundtrack with English subtitles. Gotta love the fact that WalMart has more accurate and up to date info then IMDB, Amazon or Blu-Ray.com...


    I can't stand dubbed movies.

    :eek:bscene-moneypiss: DUBBED MOVIES :eek:rcs-whip:

  16. Hot Monkey

    Hot Monkey Active Member

  17. jomari

    jomari War Never Changes Famous

    Saw this a while back, but never got to mention the title... :D

    Its the one with the big poster showing two guys, 9 postings prior..

    Anyways, its a great movie. i liked it. altho id have to warn y'all again, do not watch with kids around, very er... brutal.

    Reminds me a bit of monica belucci.
  18. Hot Monkey

    Hot Monkey Active Member

    D'oh! I thought it sounded familiar. I totally didn't look back at your post or remember that I had read all about it already. I was just excited when I saw the trailer. I'm telling you my mind is fading... it's pretty amazing what sleep deprivation will do to you. Looking forward to seeing it just as much as I was when I read your post the first time.

    Monica Bellucci bad? OK thanks... won't watch it with Mrs. Monkey.
  19. zod

    zod Well-Known Member

    Watched this the other night
    In Mandarin with subtitles. It is so much better this way. The dialogue actually fits the movie. Bruce was a man after my own heart when he told the Japanese he was the weakest student before kicking their asses.

    I believe I've commented on Way of the Dragon previously. The Big Boss is in the hopper now. So far the picture quality is much better than the US releases.
  20. jomari

    jomari War Never Changes Famous

    modesty aside, remember this thread...


    yup. its about taken. taken was a European film by nature. matt laid claim as to 3 out of 4 was able to mention their take on it.

    we come to this movie, many moons after, and i have to say, this supercedes it.

    i mean, we all love some taters and tots, but gotta respect the bulgogi man.

    this is one helluva movie.

    i attest to it.

    a SOLID purchase on blu-ray. i dont care about picture quality or sound quality or what not, heck if its o 480p and on MONO, id STILL recommend for you to buy this.

    best knife scene.




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