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Auxiliary Monitor


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Well since I spend so much time in the theater, I find myself listening to a lot more music than ever before. Primarily my itunes library via appletv, but my processor also streams Pandora and other music streams. Listening doesn't require the projector to be on and wasting hours on the bulb, and I found myself turning the projector on too often to navigate appletv and the Onkyo setup menu etc, etc...With this small Vizio (16") I was able to add an auxiliary display to allow viewing of these screens w/o firing up the projector...

I didn't want this display out in the open or on a bare wall so I went small in order to fit it over the Middle Atlantic rack. Of course the smallish size saved me some $ too. The display was $138 from Amazon, of course with free shipping...

First I had to fashion a custom mount. I settled on a 35deg viewing angle to allow easy viewing from the seat or standing in front of the rack. The mount is made out of 1x2 pine and is screwed and glued together.



Test fitting mount into location...


A little black spray paint, don't worry it got a couple coats.


Drilled a hole in the top of the rack to pull the HDMI and power cables thru and added a grommet...



Mount screwed into place...



Television in place and working flawlessly...





Here is the Omnimount (model # 1N1-S) I used for this application, I had to do some modding to allow the mount to fit. I had to carve out some metal to allow access to the HDMI port since it was partially covered and also the mount would've hit the coax jack on the TV so I carved out a section there too. I didn't get a small cantilever mount because they are pricey, have limited tilt, and I wanted the TV at a fixed angle and securely fastened so as not to rattle. The lumber cost $2 at lowes and this particular Omnimount was $19 at HHGregg...

Nice! That'll be a useful addition, I'm sure.
As someone who listens to a lot of DVD-As and SACDs, that's a fantastic idea! Hmmmm....
I like it.

Although a 7" monitor conected to a 12" goose neck, mounted to the side of the recliner would have been badass !!!!
Dentman said:
I like it.

Although a 7" monitor conected to a 12" goose neck, mounted to the side of the recliner would have been badass !!!!
That's actually what I'm looking at; under my side table is the recharging station for my camera, Harmony One, and MBA, and an auxiliary monitor (7" would be ideal) would sit down there very cozy indeed... hmmmmm.....
I almost got a 7" vizio to do something like that but the permanency and trying to get a composite signal from the preamp to it would've been a pain in the ass...
Dentman said:
I like it.

Although a 7" monitor connected to a 12" goose neck, mounted to the side of the recliner would have been badass !!!!

Wow, my couch does have cup-holders. Now you got me thinking Dent. :laughing:

Nice work Bats. :handgestures-thumbup: Your carpentering skills never cease to amaze me.
^ Thanks!! But you really gotta see them skills in person to fully appreciate them... :eusa-whistle:
Run with it Wade, it would make for a very cool look. I had the same issues as Bat's did with my projector based system. I had planed on doing the little monitor thing myself. I have an old wireless video thing I had planed to hook up to it so it would be wireless. Had Bats asked for this wise old mans advice I would have offered him said wireless thing. The young grasshopper continues to ignore thie wise and well versed Master Dent Tech working but an arms reach away. What is it with the younger generation these days ? Why is it they think they know it all ?

Now had this Bats fellow come to me and say "Godfather will you help me" I would have set him on the right course, and the person who sold him the monitor mount would be suffering this very day.

What just happened ?
Nice work Batman. I have a digital picture frame with a composite input, that I want to use for OSD stuff. But it sits on the wrong side of the room, and Mrs. Milpool isn't thrilled with me changing it's location. I still think it would be perfect. And yes... You Suck! :teasing-tease:
^^^ Pretty clever! I have one of those digital frames, but mine only has USB jacks. I wonder if there is a work around with that. :think:
Yesfan70 said:
^^^ Pretty clever! I have one of those digital frames, but mine only has USB jacks. I wonder if there is a work around with that. :think:

Not sure. But I assume that if there is, it is either too big, or to expensive, compared to just replacing the picture frame.
At $138, the 16" vizio I used for this is probably cheaper than most digital frames with a composite input. Although that is a great idea since you already have one, let us know how that works. Since this set had an HDMI input, it was a no-brainer for me. Besides my wife wouldn't have let me "borrow" her digital frame anyway...also, this little set has a USB input for playing photo slideshows too...
I thought the composite on the Digital frames was Output only with no input.

The two frames I have, only have the output that I can connect to the 42 inch.
some of the newer larger screens are not including the Composite input. I purchase a scaler to go from composite to 720P HDMI to run old VCR tapes. I have the Vizio Razor 42 inch.
Why not use a PC monitor? It MUST have HDCP but most newer monitors support that. Many have HDMI and a DVI/HDMI adapter is easy enough to get ahold of.

^ John, most of the PC monitors that would have worked were either more expensive or too big for the space or didn't support dvi/HDMI or combos of these issues. In the end the price, size and fact that it can be used as a TV if I remove it from this application made this set the most ideal option....