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Bloodline on Netflix

Discussion in 'Television' started by AndySTL, Mar 15, 2016.

  1. AndySTL

    AndySTL Well-Known Member

    I just finished season 1 of Bloodline on Netflix. Anyone else watch this? It is very slow out of the gate but really picks up a few episodes in. Really glad I watched this one. Season 2 is due out later this year. I can't wait!
    Xgm3 likes this.
  2. PaulyT

    PaulyT Behind the Curtain Staff Member Administrator Moderator Superstar

    I watched maybe half the first season. I agree it had its moments, but I got tired of it when basically the entire family revealed themselves as assholes... sigh. Oh well, guess it just wasn't my style of show.

    Sorry, don't mean to rain on your parade, glad you enjoyed it. I've really liked most of the netflix originals, with only a couple exceptions.
  3. Barney

    Barney Longhorns, Cowboys, Spurs, & Rangers...love Texas

    Andy, I watched it & enjoyed it. I"ll be looking for season 2 then, thanks.
  4. Xgm3

    Xgm3 Active Member

    Me and the wife really like this show. We just started season 2.
  5. lakedmb

    lakedmb Active Member

    Wrapped up the second season not long ago and it felt a little slow at times, but good overall.
  6. AndySTL

    AndySTL Well-Known Member

    Season 3 releases on Netflix this Friday!
  7. Flint

    Flint "Do you know who I am?" Superstar

    I cannot wait, I love that show. However, season two was more like a primetime soap opera than a crime drama like season one was.
  8. AndySTL

    AndySTL Well-Known Member

    I preferred season 1 as well but I am excited to see the conclusion of this story. I'm glad that they are not trying to drag it out any longer than a 3rd season. It's one story that has a beginning an and end. Too many shows that have strong early seasons are dragged on longer than they should.
  9. Xgm3

    Xgm3 Active Member

    I finished season 3 last night and thought it was terrible. I seriously wouldn't watch it if I were you guys.
  10. lakedmb

    lakedmb Active Member

    Keep in mind that they had material for 5-6 seasons and created seasons 1 and 2 with the plan to go to 5-6. When Netflix told them that they were pulling the plug, they had to condense 3-4 seasons of material into 1.

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